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hardware selection Asrock ION 300 Mythtv

hardware selection
Based on some research on price and performance I have chosen this hardware:
ASRock ION 330 (low power Atom system with impressive NVidia ION graphic chip set that is able to decode full HD (1080p) easily. The ASRock is a very small system that produces very little noise (no CPU fan, unfortunately it does have a GPU fan and case fan). But because it has no PCI slots, I was unable to re-use my PVR350 and PVR500 dual tuner from my old system. For that reason I purchased 3 new Hauppauge PVR USB2 tuners (with hardware encoding).

The ASRock ION uses less than 40 Watt's. The tuners use 15 watt each. That is more than the ASrock! Because I didn't want to let the Tuners drain energy when they are workless, I purchased a Silvershield powerswitch that can switch on and of power outlets with an USB connetion.

Of course I don't want the tuners,  Silvershield SIS-PMS and cable spaghetti to be visible in the room so I can't use one of the three build in IR receivers that are in the tuners. So I purchased a nice styli USB receiver from Philips: OVU412000
To display MythTv menu and status info I purchased the LCD Smartie Display from Sure Electronics

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