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MythTV #3 MythBuntu 12.04 Frontend on ASRock ION


ASRock ION (NVidia) 330 (my previous mythtv server/client)
Philips OVU412000 IR Receiver
Hauppauge remote control
TV Philips 26PF8946 1280 x 768p

Mythfrontend installation

Installation is straight forward, boot from mythbuntu 12.04 ISO (I use Multiboot to boot from an external HDD containing several ISO's)

At installation I made these settings:
Preparing to install Mythbuntu
Download updates when installing
Install third-party software

user: myth
Hostname: mythfrontend-asrock
password: mythtv
login automatically

Installation type: frontend

VNC en SSH enabled

Remote: Hauppauge TV Card
(disable generate options)

Video driver Nvidia (this is important because I want to use the power of the ION chipset which is able to play Full HD were the Atom is not powerfull enough)

Security pin 0000 (default)

host: 192.168.x.x (IP address of the Mythtv backend server) 
db: mythconverg
user: mythtv
password: mythv

Screen reslution

set to 1280 x 768p


Disable the mythtv setting that mythtv controls the volume. I want to use the TV volume control. Mythtv volume was set to 0% and no way to modify ?!


setup->Theme Chooser (mythbuntu black)


2/8 on playback exit: save position and exit

3/8 vdpau normal

setup->video->Program Guide

Guide starts at channel: 6


IP address

remote: Hauppauge (grey)

Setup remote controle is described in this page

use setup->key bindings in stead of the web interface.
config files for lirc are in /home/mythfrontend/.lirc/

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