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Medion / Pegatron Mythtv Frontend Akoya Mini E2076


Medion Akoya Mini E2076 D (Aldi: 150 euro).
Model Name PC MT 11
Type name: MED MT 612G

2G Memory
17.3 x 15.4 x 2 cm (h x b x d) 
Weight 800 g
Intel® Atom™ 230 processor 1.6 GHz
320 GB HDD (WD3200BEVT) Replaced with 120G SSD
Gigabit LAN
Wlan 502.11 b/g/n
6 x USB 2.0
Comes with MS OS and wireless keyboard with trackball, DVI-to-VGA adapter, DVI-to-HDMI adapter

On the inside this is a:
Pegatron IPP7A-CP (Rev: 1.01)

Although the specifications claim that this system has no fans and is passively cooled, my first disapointment came when I opened the case to remove the 320G HDD to replace it with a Solid State one. There *was* a fan on the CPU. After powering on the system it immediately started blowing! Not a lot of noise but not what I expected from a "passively cooled" system.

Mythfrontend installation

Installation is straight forward, boot from mythbuntu 16.04 ISO (I use Multiboot to boot from an external HDD containing several ISO's)

Hostname: mythtvfrontendBR
user: myth
password: mythtv
login automatically

Installation type: frontend

VNC en SSH enabled

Remote: Hauppauge TV Card
(disable generate options)

Video driver Nvidia (this is important because I want to use the power of the ION chipset which is able to play Full HD were the Atom is not powerfull enough)

Network settings

I prefer to give the frontend a static IP:
IP/NM/DG: / /

Backend settings

After first startup, the page with language settings appear which is a sign that the frontend can not connect to the backend

First find the sql password on the backend server:
password for the the mythtv sql user can be found in
(look for db_password)

Then edit the file
on the frontend.

    <Password>type here what you find on the backend in mythweb.conf</Password>
    <Command>echo 'WOLsqlServerCommand not set'</Command>

After spending a whole evening to find out why my video playback was choppy, I tried my other mythfrontend and it had the same choppy video. Turned out a network cable was bad. (I had replaced a switch in the house earlier that week and must have damaged a cable).


Open the alsamixer and set the master volume to 100%

Then op the frontend settingspage:
And select this:


video playback (make use of the nvidia chipset for playback instead of CPU)
Normal -> Vdpau high quality



on playback exit: save position and exit

setup->video->Program Guide
Guide starts at channel: 6

remote receiver

USB irDA: Philips OVU4003/00

remote: Hauppauge (grey)

Setup remote controle is described in this page

use setup->key bindings in stead of the web interface.
config files for lirc are in /home/mythfrontend/.lirc/

shutdown issues

When shutting down the machine using the mythtv menu, the system reboots. I tried *a lot* of options (disabeling acpi, unloading network before shudown, halt, poweroff, shutdown with all the options possible with no luck). I ended up with using a halt option in grub:

menuentry 'halt' {
         set saved_entry=0;
         save_env saved_entry;

create a shutdown script that mythtv uses (set it though the mythfrontend->settings->general)
sudo /usr/sbin/grub-set-default halt
sudo shutdown -h now
Now the system shuts down, restarts (for whatever reason?!?) but then boots the halt option (which sets the boot to normal boot) end really shut down. If you power up the system, it boots normally.

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